The Vestibule

One of my absolute favorite parts of this house is also one of the smallest; the Vestibule.  The craftsmanship is just unbelievable.  Take a look...

This photo isn't the best, and I will take better pictures one day, but it does show the very cool floor and the amazing striped walls all made from different types of quarter-sawn wood.  It also gives you the first impression of the house as you enter.  From front to back it is over 50 feet!


Again, sorry for the quality of the picture, but it's a very tight space to photograph.  This room was basically unchanged from the time the house was built (minus the painted board, which is no longer there...)


The is a picture of the arched ceiling.  The only thing I plan to change about this Vestibule is the addition of an antique light fixture to light it up a bit.  There is no light in here and it is always so dark.  This is one little gem that I plan to show off.  : )




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